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Will have Justin song with Pattie? When? Thanks

Asked by zuzabieber

Until now the only official infomation about this topic is that Justin and Pattie recorded a song together but there are no confirmations about releasing it.

Is there really going to be a song called unfamiliar by Justin ft. Selena?

Asked by moriartyswag

apparently, there is.

but nothing official has been published.

what is the song in justins instagram vid dancing with selena?

Asked by carolchanel

"Ordinary People" by John Legend

Justin posted a link on twitter and now you can buy Believe movie on ITunes and there it says that the expected release date is March 25. Is this possible?

Asked by dhjdb


Do you know when the Believe movie will come out on DVD?

Asked by kaleighmichelle87-deactivated20

There’s no information about it yet.

hi, does justin's new fragance "justin bieber's next girlfriend" has the same smell that girlfriend? :)

Asked by areyouinvogue

No, “Next Girlfriend” does have a different scent.

Does anyone know if Justin Bieber has bought a house in Savannah, Georgia?

If yes, please link credible news articles. Thanks guys! 

When does confident video come out in Austria?

Asked by justinbieber-updates

You can waitch it here.

Do you guys know when the Australian believe 2013 concert DVD comes out?

Asked by your-kinda-ugly

People are telling me its March 26th, but it is up for Pre-Order on Australian iTunes :) 

is it justin's tattoo on the last pic?

Asked by hellsonbells

Yes, it is.